About us

The platform MYTENDER.AZ is a practical and complete solution for conducting business activities in the B2B (business-to-business) segment, focused on providing reliable and high-quality services in the field of procurement.

At the peak of the development of information and digital technologies in all spheres of human life, including the economies of many countries in the world, the use and provision of transparent, reliable and high-quality services in the field of entrepreneurship is becoming more urgent. The current trend of digitalization of various segments of the economy is of particular importance. The goal of the platform is to achieve maximum transparency of trade relations.

MYTENDER.AZ is a platform for entrepreneurs who will become a catalyst for each other in conducting of mutually beneficial and successful business. The platform is a kind of link in the provision of opportunities to promote, implement and develop trade and market relations.

Our slogan is "The Way to Transparency!"


Our mission:

  • To provide assistance to the business segment in finding new business opportunities.

  • To assist in conducting transparent and effective business activities.

  • To make the business accessible and competitive.

  • To meet the standards of international business.


MYTENDER.AZ is a platform for business, for those who appreciate their time and money.

Our partners

Our services


The platform MYTENDER.AZ provides the following services to entrepreneurs:

   ✔  Tender support and execution of cases of a person wishing to participate in the transaction
   ✔  Selection of tenders, which correspond to the purposes and desires of the customer
   ✔  Legal and expert evaluation of the order, tender documentation, possible risks
   ✔  Preparation and execution of applications
   ✔  Consulting activities at all stages of the tender process
   ✔  Consulting in the B2B segment
   ✔  Business announcements and mailings for new projects, startups and tenders
   ✔  Advertising on the website


For additional information, please contact us by e-mail office@mytender.az